Ludco Industries a Company Focusing first on Automatic Bars and BeverageDispensing Refrigerators

About Ludco:

Ludco Industries Corporation is an innovative early phase start-up company. Initially the company is marketing two new series of products based on U.S Patent And Trade Mark # 6-422-422 BI Call the Automatic Bar which was the the original patent. However Using the patent claims and technologies of the Automatic Bar a second series of products were developed call Beverage Dispensing Refrigerators. Although this is not a new patent it still has several years of eligibility left. However additional innovations in home appliance will be integrated into the  Company’s product mix with potentially new patent designs in Ranges, Stoves And advancement in Cooking Utensils And Pots Design, Dishwashers, T.V and  Washer And Dryers etc. Here Ludco Industries will change the old ways and  Functions of consumers handling Home Appliance, from cooking to watching T.V,  to dispensing beverages  starting with the Automatic Bars and Beverage Dispensing Refrigerators Series  Of Products. In anticipation of going to market we have identified a company equipped With domestic manufacturing facilities to carry-out production with the Highest Quality And Most Cost Efficient Manner. Then again a number plumbing companies Around the country has already been identified to connect and install these new Products in customer’s homes and carry away the old ones. In order to meet potential customer demands we have given serious consideration of how these products would reach the end consumer, whether private or commercial. Here our plan is to implement a direct to consumers distribution program, where a Consumer could now easily visit our website to order our products. Initially to pilot our program we will launch with a well know professional trucking and logistic Organization, where home delivery could be done through this entity.  Later we also intends to start marketing the Automatic Bars and Beverage Dispensing Refrigerators to commercial retail appliance outlets; However immediately only to consumers. The hospitality industry are another primary target markets, like Hotels, Casinos, Bars, and Restaurants etc. To further expand the possibilities there could be another series of these Automatic Bars configured that could now be marketed to Luxury Limousine Rental Fleets, Party Buses, Pleasure Boats, yacht Makers, or The Commercial Cruise Industries; These same product configurations could also be marketed to Companies That Makes And Rent Luxury Airplanes; As well as to The Broad-Base Commercial Airline Industries For Dispensing Drinks To Passengers During Flights.   The immediate Goals and functions of Ludco industries is to introduce its new series of Products to all Consumers and other Primary Target Markets that could benefit from their usage.                                


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